How to deal with fear…

Fear is an emotion buried so deep within that if not put into perspective, it may take us on an uncomfortable journey. These feelings come from lack of bravery, confidence, not enough vision, lack of decisions and so forth. In addition,

They also come when we’re exploring change or something new, trying to get rid of old ways to open up to the new or even move from one space to another. And as a result, it may keep us at bay or at a level of resistance towards progression. What’s more interesting is how fear affects us in all given areas and how we sometimes choose to respond to that emotion from the bottom of our ‘being’. But today, I’m going to give you 3 tips as to how to deal accompany fear:


  1. “Replace fear with courage”

If you find a level or bravery, you’ll be more suited to face whatever fear you’re experiencing head on rather that running from it. We can only run away for so long until what we are running from catches up to us.

  1. “Believe that you are worth the opportunity that you desire”

You are a valuable human being and it is your birthright to go after what is in your heart. Whatever you tell yourself or is going on in that inner dialogue of yours is the difference between staying at a standstill and taking action.

  1. “Envision the outcome” (and don’t worry about how long it will take)

The outcome has to be clear and this may take some time spending it with you. When you envision the outcome, what do you see? What do you feel? Do you feel your energy there? If so, do you believe that this vision can become true? If all of the above feels positive then your already half way there. Just keep going!

How we choose can either be one of two ways; either we stop ourselves from moving or we use fear as a driving force to push through the boundary.

Which one is it?

Think well to live well…. 🙂

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