The Secret Message

In the face of adversity, an unconscious conversation deep within takes place. It’s the conversation that involves making a choice between: 1. How do we respond to what’s happening or 2. What do we do next. Some moments within adversity are easily handled while others truly test the nature of our character and when adversity is at work testing the nature of our character, there are two ways that this experience may send us. Either on the ‘broken and fall on your face’ or ‘broken and fall on your back’ and all of this, there is a powerful weapon and that’s called ‘choice’ and that is what we’re going to dive into.

Now here’s the difference. Fall on your face and you’re unable see or have a view of what just happened, view, or even an idea. These moments happen because life or destiny didn’t want us to go that way and sometimes it just happens when we go after something and are unable to see the opportunity. On the other hand, when we fall on our back, at least we can still see the sky and see an open opportunity with open eyes. At least our mind still has site of a picture or see where the obstacles are. Maybe even see what needs to be done different to avoid falling on your back again.

So you may ask, what is the secret message and where does it come from…

In the face of adversity and within this deep unconscious conversation, there is the power of choice as to how to respond and what to do next. Now when or if we ever find ourselves in this space, one of the most powerful tools is to use what’s within our hearts. The heart knows how to guide you through times of life and despair and although we may pick up a few jabs, scars and stabs from experiences throughout our lives, the one thing that the heart will do only if we let it is heal us from that experience. And guess what? The big heart of yours is going to continue to pump blood and keep you alive for the time that you spend being here on earth. The secret message is to respond with the resilience of the heart no matter circumstance may lead you to falling on your face or back so get up and learn to use your heart to move forward.

Think well to live well … 🙂

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