"Think well to live well..."

"Think well to live well..."

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Born in England and moving to America was unexpected and also confusing. However, finding stability was always the challenge not just in that moment but all the way through different periods of growing up. Going through foster care was another journey and with facing deportation orders against my mother and I after being separated from adversity, my mother was sent back to England whilst I remained in foster care more stabilised. However, adversity had not yet settled. Events of hardship took a toll but more importantly, that toll helped to find the drive that is needed to overcome any obstacle in life. 

I am an adversity coach and speaker who is working hard to build the foundation of my Mindful Speaking business. I enjoy coaching people through their challenges and hardships along with finding hope and inspiration to keep on going. The story has yet to finish and the point when I realised that there is an opportunity to help and coach people through adversity came a few years ago. When we look in today's world and how people perceive adversity, we sometimes and potentially give into the pressure of the situation at hand. When we allow this to happen, we hurt our own personal growth. 
When we allow our personal growth to be hindered and damaged, we have one choice and that's either to: 1. Give in and give up or 2. Find the tools and forces within us to overcome the obstacle. Many of us don't know and some of us do know. Although it's a personal experience of adversity and triumph, the main thing to be mindful of is the language that we use when we're going through an adverse experience. 
My goal and my purpose is to coach through what is challenging, what is the language between life and despair, what is the difference between success and failure and also to help grow and develop areas of personal development. 

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