I was born in London and at age of 11 my mother and I moved to the USA. It was physically and mentally challenging to remain hopeful whilst experiencing many of life’s disadvantages. At age of 12, my life completely changed after being abandoned in the heart of Skid Row in Los Angeles, California.

In that moment, a critical decision had to be made. It was either to give up or to stand strong in the face of trauma to conquer adversity. With choosing the latter decision, this led to going into foster care where life had took a complete turn for the better until the age of 18.

Upon graduating high school, my next stop was Tyler Junior College, Texas. After two successful years at Tyler, I was offered a scholarship from Iowa State University. I played alongside current NBA players and for Coach Fred Hoiberg, who later went on to coach for the Chicago Bulls.

After graduating from Iowa State with a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, I was offered a contract to play professional basketball for the Bristol Flyers, where I played for 6 seasons. After recently discovering siblings and family roots in the UK, my motivation was more than just for basketball.

While playing for the Flyers another opportunity to pursue further education presented itself. With a sporting background, I decided to study at the University of West England pursuing and completing a Postgraduate Degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology.  

I started off public speaking and sharing my story during my time at Iowa State. In 2015, I received the Eye of the Storm Award, which acknowledges those who have been through adversity and have come out of the experience successfully and who are found to be inspiring individuals. 

The highlight of my playing career was representing Team England in the 2018 Commonwealth games in Australia. This was a huge honour and really showed how far I had come in my life’s journey, from homeless to representing my country on the international stage!

Currently, I am very active in the community, working on several projects to provide opportunities for young people and adults. My goal is to provide anyone with hope by being a living example that no matter what happens in life, things can turn out in your favour when having a positive mindset. 

From a homeless to a successful international athlete, today I use my story to empower others to overcome adversity and obstacles in their life. My life experience and mental skills coaching helps others to believe in themselves, deal with adversity and to develop the mental skills needed in their life.


The most important part of my mission is you! 
My mission is to help you to develop the mental skills you need to deal with adversity in your life! I want to provide you with hope and meaning through my 3 P’s-Purpose, Power and Perseverance.  
Purpose is about acknowledging why we feel how we feel, how it affects us and how it serves us both positively and negatively. Once we establish this, we can figure out your “why” the driving force of the journey we go on together!
Once you know your purpose, then with my help you can move forward with your mission through powerful interventions. I will help you find the power within yourself to develop resiliency and self-confidence for any situation!
To develop the habits and behaviours you need for success, it is key to develop perseverance. Once we have established your interventions it is then about reflecting on your process. I will help you to arm yourself with the skills needed to reflect and persevere on your journey going forward.

-Dan Edozie