What is purpose?

Purpose can be defined as a “life time why or reasoning.” It is something that an individual tries to understand through the technique of seeking and more so than often, purpose can either come in two different forms; through you or through others. If there’s an experience that you came across that makes you feel uncomfortable, then a purpose can be used to never be back in this place again. On the flip side, if there’s something that you do that brings external rewards that’s impactful and somehow opportunities just come about, then you’re on track with purpose. The point is you shape your purpose and use what you can to find or define it.

That’s a great question because when you understand the concept of failure and the benefits of the outcome, then here’s where your true character comes into play. How many successful people have had an easy walk through their journey to their success? Often times, you’ll find yourself through failure and that’s a concept that people tend to misunderstand because they’re to afraid to break down the walls of failure. If you have an idea or you have something in mind that you want to do, don’t be afraid of failure and thus always be a student because eventually you’ll arrive at you’re point of visualization. The point is, let your failures be the fuel to your drive (in a positive way) and see how far it can take you.

The Power of Now is a book that goes into depth with conscious or more importantly, the “present moment.” One thing I loved about this book is that it taught me how to be in the present moment as well as learning about the mind, the ego, enlightenment, being, dreams, etc. If you’re a person who’s awareness is stuck in the mind, then The Power of Now is one of the best books to read in terms of knowing the different levels of our being all the way down from the unconscious mind to the ego or the mind. IMG_0382

One of my favourite books because it is based on leadership and learning how to manage a team, dealing with club owners, recognising how to assemble a team, learning to recognise where pieces are most effect, and so forth. Although this book is based solemnly around the sport of football/soccer, the points are still comprehendible and logical when dealing with players, coaches, and other people.  Leading

This book gave me a completely different understanding and was very insightful about how Steven K. Scott, the author went from failing to becoming abundant. He talks about very very simple and understandable concepts and principles that would help any reader understand the gist of what it means to be happy, successful and having financial abudance. I highly recommend this book if there are those who interested about life from a genuine wise perspective. King solomon