Sometimes in life we can become so busy and may get lost in our lives that we forget to take the time out to come back to the centre of ‘our’ universe. We may find that something else may be driving in our drivers seat and not us ourselves in which we then loose control. The purpose of these useful strategies is to help regain your energy, become aware and take a slight level of control back into your personal life.

These are just mindful tips:

  1. Meditate (3-5 minutes) and pay attention to your breathing patterns
  2. Use your awareness to observe (thoughts, feelings and emotions.)
  3. Find something positive
  4. Get on with your day

Have a great day!

Think well to live well… 🙂


Picture this scene:

You have to walk through a forest through in the dark without any map or location. The starting point is at the forefront but without any map, you don’t know how you’re going to get through the unforeseen treacherous and unfriendly environment. You enter the forest and without any site of what’s ahead, you begin to question whether or not you should have walked through this forest in the first place. Bare in mind, you are walking in the dark but you do have a few sources with you which is your flashlight or torch and your instinct. At this point halfway into the forest, you’re just trying to get through this environment using survival mode and feelings. You’ve heard all sorts of noises that shook your nerves a little bit, had to make a couple turns because of near caught traps, had to turn around because of being in the wrong territory and have had to find a place to sit for a minute to have a think for a second. You’re tired, hungry, confused, frustrated and worst of all now you have to figure out how to get across a river with a fast stream. Upon that, you’ve also came to a realisaiton that turning around isn’t an option so now the only option you have is to keep heading forward.

Upon looking for ways of crossing the river, you’ve looked around for what resources are available and what bridges are potentially of good use to cross. Some tree trunks led right into the water halfway, some didn’t fall the right way or broke in the midst of trying to get to the other side and in addition, some paths that can be taken might mean that you have to try and fight through the rough stream where there’s boulders and rocks ready to destroy anything that flows its way… Yikes! And stepping stones… Good luck because the water seem like its ready sweep you off the steps you do take every time you jump. So what do you do now? Potentially find something that’s sturdy enough and build a bridge for yourself? Try and run as fast as you can to jump off the edge like an Olympic runner trying to see how far they can jump into the sand pit? Or maybe even try to swing through the obstacle? Who knows…

Well… However you decide to get to the other side in your head is completely dependent on your creative mind and gut instinct. See sometimes in life, having faith is like walking through a forest at night without a map and not knowing the environment whilst having to trust your instinct and use the most precious thing that you have which is that little bright light inside of you. See we never know what’s a head and although we may struggle with seeing the outcome, what we do see is what’s in front of us and what is that? Well it’s the present moment.. Just like in the forest with not being able to see what’s ahead fully, we are able to feel what we’re walking on. We’re able to feel what’s around us. We’re able to sense if there’s any danger. We’re able to focus through the area and process with a different level of thinking. We’re able smell… You know what! (Haha #jokes)

The point is when we run into something like an obstacle or some sort questioning where we need to figure out how to get across, our faith and instinct has carried us this far that there’s no choice but to keep on moving forward. It’s simply just about making a sacrifice and with finding a solution. In retrospect, this is where our faith is most challenged when we come across something that’s jabbed at our blind spot that is now asking something different of us. The message is that wherever you are in life, having faith maybe the difference between resilience to keep on going and quitting. However, with obstacles that challenge our faith are only building blocks and stepping-stones to having a stronger faithful being so by remaining confident and determined, you will rise above one way or another. Let’s go!!!

Think well to live well… 🙂

I’m upset, furious, devastated, moody and overreactive! Don’t mess with me otherwise I will react and you don’t want me to react otherwise I’m going to hurt something. Life, you’ve thrown me about, took me for a joke, discouraged me, destroyed my confidence, hope and belief for better days. And now I’m left here on my own to figure my way out. Then what happens next is when I start to figure out a direction, you pull me right back to a place where I don’t want to be. It’s like every time I think to have found the door, you’ve thrown away the key. Ahhhh… No more!!

(An emotional fable not to be taken literally)

Sheesh! (Don’t worry, I’m not angry)

Anger, just as much as we all know it can be the big picture of many small pieces of the puzzle. From such events, people, circumstances, upbringings, failures, rejections and so forth, the negativity of the moments can introduce the individual to a certain level of thinking. Now here’s the catch, if a person is introduced to a certain level of thinking and is not aware within this moment, then now an emotional seed has just been planted. And as long as we stay at that certain level of thinking, then life will eventually throw more inevitable circumstances, people, events and much more at us that will inconveniently hold us hostage in a cell with negative emotions. Ever found yourself in a place and stopped to ask yourself “Why am I even here?” That’s probably because somewhere within our ‘being’ it’s realised the unhealthiness of this emotion and has recognized the dangers and the traps.

See, the best thing to compare anger to is an anchor. You know… The big heavy metal steel-iron thingy that weighs down a ship to keep from drifting off in which that’s what anger does if we let it. By letting anger keep us hostage from other emotions (especially the positive ones) only creates difficulty with being able to reach the highest level of thinking, which is abundance. Another thing we find with anger is that it could potentially become toxic where we may experience effects in places like our energy, mood, health and even within our spirit without even knowing it. At this point, we have to seriously just slam the ‘stop’ button and just see where we are (easier said than done) and ask ourselves if we really want to go down this road. Anger can come from a place of confusion, a place from past events, a place of outlook or perspective or even something that hasn’t been resolved from childhood experiences. And if these haven’t been inwardly addressed and admitted, then we may find ourselves being driven by something else. At that point… we’re in trouble! (Might have to kick what ever is in the drivers seat out of it to take over).

But hey there’s always a way to deal with anger and yes its easier said than done but hey, it’s worth a try:

  1. Write down what makes you angry and where it came from. (Self-discovery)
  2. Ask yourself if the anger is used positively or negatively (Realisation)
  3. Ask yourself if this anger is worth holding on to. (Is it time to let go?)

Hey, there’s some things in life we’re simply not meant to hold on to and one of them is anger because it takes away from us…

Think well to live well… 🙂

(A mental health fable)

So what is the ‘thing’ that we want to get to?

The answer is the ‘point’ of the mind and liberating out of a certain way of thinking.

Deep diving time…

When we talk about the mind… Boy… Can it be something else. It can either be a weapon or a best friend and that’s whether or not we have clear conscious control or a level of self-awareness and once we stop to have a think, then now here comes the realisations. We may discover ourselves in a place of despair only to find ourselve in the middle of no where. At least that’s how it feels when we stop to think for a moment but however, what we don’t want is to keep the same level of thinking that has got us here in the first place. A wise man once said, “Think how you always have and you’ll always be where you are”. So if the same level of thinking from particular area of the mind has kept us ‘hostage’ within a sense of thinking, then we may find ourselves somewhere knowingly that we didn’t even want to be here in the first place. But however, it’s not the things that happen to us but its how the ‘point’ of the mind operates our thinking. 

Let’s think about things such as unresolved stress or stressors derived from events, circumstances, experiences, trauma and whatever else we can think of… One may ask well what do they all have in common? Well they’re either burdens that affect our ability to move forward or lessons that shift and transcend a particular way of thinkingWhat’s  pragmatic about this is that if we loose a sense of inward control during these moments then what we may experience is not having a clear view or what is it at hand. Sometimes in life, we may come across things that can direct our mind to go in either one of two ways; 1. To a self-defeating being or 2. A progressed soul. Either way the process during both outcomes are neither pretty and that’s because of the constant readjustment to painful changing experiences whilst having to recover from some sort of emotion after each and every round. 

See, life can slap our us with events and circumstances that we didn’t see coming and most times, what we’ve experienced was a level of discomfort that we disliked or felt bothered by. What happens without no clear conscious is that our mind decides to get into the drivers seat to take over making it challenging for the experience of liberation to take place. So what then? (Now this is where the ‘point’ of the mind comes in)Ultimately, whichever way we point our mind towards lays the difference between the two different outcomes. Allowing our mind to take us down the destructive self-defeating path only leads us to disaster and we’re talking about disaster on all levels: physical, mental and emotional plus spiritual. But however, if we take these experiences as lessons for building and uplifting it only leads to progression. And if we really want to progress, we’re going to change and at some point liberation becomes the experience. And all that can be said is that once liberation has taken place, life is full of beauty on the other side…

Main point:

The mind is like an airplane and which ever way we choose to point the nose is the outcome of the direction.

Think well to live well… 🙂



Such an overlooked but yet one of the most blissful things that we can ever experience. It’s that fuel that desires to fill that deep level of emptiness or better yet; that part of our being that wants to feel a level of completeness that’s far greater and beyond ourselves that gives to us purpose. Fulfillment is a level of satisfaction that only we deeply know and can feel. It’s like we’ve put ourselves in a position to deliver for a greater cause towards building the bigger picture. It’s like knowing that theres a problem or issue that can be resolved that’s now asking us for a call to action and to put the cherry on top, it’s the deep feeling and positive sensations we get after we’ve made our contribution to something and has made a difference even if the outcome didn’t turn into a complete success. But here are the questions: How do we know that we are fulfilled? What is the road to fulfillment? How do we experience fulfillment? etc. Let’s dive deep!

When we feel fulfillment, there’s nothing on this planet that can give us this level of satisfaction. For example; let’s say we’ve discovered our gift in transforming human behaviour or impacting lives in a way that feels positive inside of us, things that we once thought that made us feel fulfilled now have became an illusion and replaceable with something irreplaceable. It defines and gives our mind the value to our existence because of course, what we really want to know as a human “why am I here?”. We have to discover what is our value and deep down we know the feelings of value but unfortunately, some of us only find that value in things that are either short-term or illusionary. However here’s the hope: That same value can be found within our lives and upon that realisation, we find that ‘beautiful bliss’ that exist. That “Ah ha!” moment from within cannot be replaced with tangible items. Plus too,  that “Ah ha!” upon discovery can be the moment where that emptiness that we feel inside of us has now been filled with a new profound direction.

Having a true moral compass and purpose can be considered other important elements for seeking fulfillment. A life without direction and purpose is like a moving ship in the sea without direction, a plane without coordinates or a car without a map. Eventually we’re going to find ourselves roaming around and potentially may run into a dead-end. Going through life and trying to make sense of it is already hard but harder if theres no foundation so why not put a blueprint together and give ourself a direction? At least having a direction governed by a foundation that’s based on the value that we can offer makes life fun, exciting and worth living for. Whether we have everything or not, the question is do we feel fulfilled or is there something inside of us that still feels as though something is missing? (Only you can answer that question).

Along the road of seeking fulfillment, there are parts and actions that can help fill into our fulfillment tank. For example; making a contribution, giving away for a greater cause and even trying to make a positive impact on somebody or with a group of lives can lead to experiences of fulfillment. It’s the ‘knowing’ that we are making a difference whether it’s to something small or large. And to be in a state of making a differences, it sometimes comes down to what is our backbone? Experiences? Something that’s changed our life? These are just simple parts that can be taken and used as a conviction for action and reason. Fulfillment is also knowing that we can take from a part or parts from our journey and are able deliver it in a way that moves human and emotional thought.

Finding fulfillment:

  1. Find the value in our own life
  2. Have a moral compass and genuine purpose far greater than ourselves
  3. Making a contribution

Filling fulfillment takes time, patience, a couple of detours, sacrifices, changes and potentially having to give up what we once thought in order to learn something new. And with allowing these moments to take place will eventually lead to the true blissful fulfillment that we all yearn for.

Think well to live well… 🙂

So many of us live our lives not knowing our worth or better yet, our own value. With that stated, this is where issues with self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing come to experience challenges. What we experience is that we think less of ourselves but deep down knowing that we need to think higher. We think we’re not worthy enough of deserving to have the bigger picture. We may also think that what is happening to us is our life when in actuality, its not. It’s just a part of life and the process of development. The unfortunate thing is that it’s hard for people to understand to wrap their minds around this because of the acceptance of ‘victimisation’. The mindset of “this has happened to me…” only opens up the gateway as to what plan of action are you going to take and this can lead to one of two things: 1. Either fall victim and become a part of what’s just happened or 2. Find the worth in you and rise above the occasion and deem yourself living with a higher sense of worth. Let’s find your worth…

So what is self-worth? Well really depends on how we can define it but lets put it in this context. It is knowing the finite currency that exist within you and knowing that you are worth so much more that you give yourself to be. It’s like realizing that you are far more meaningful and valuable beyond any means of this planet. The sensation of knowing your worth just brings a level of joy that nothing on this planet can help you find or even define. It’s realizing that you on the inside have so much to give that not only makes you a better individual but also creates a movement within other people to find their own worth. It’s also knowing what you do want and what you don’t want in life because you won’t allow yourself to feel any lesser than what already are. And to also put the icing on top of the cake, self-worth is also having a peak level of self-confidence.

That inner journey to finding your worth is important because you are worthy on the inside just as much as you are on the outside. Building and having momentum for your esteem is huge and with having high levels of it creates sensations of abundance that you can have for yourself. Our finite energy is precious, our time is meaningful and most importantly, our worth is priceless. And when we’ve came to know our worth, life opens up and changes.

Start with asking yourself questions like:

  1. Do you find yourself feeling worthless about yourself? If so, why?
  2. Are there any influences in your life that make you feel unworthy? If so what and can they be eliminated?
  3. Do you add value to your life? And if so, how?
  4. Do you contribute something far greater than yourself?

Hopefully the wheels are slowly starting to turn and maybe lead you down the path of understanding your own worth and once you have embraced your worth, the sky is the limit…

Think well to live well…. 🙂

Look check this out…

The feeling of happiness isn’t dependent on anything outside of you (although it may be a small factor or an impact). It is not a goal to be happy because if it was a goal, what happens once you reach it? And if you do reach it, then do you look to have a higher level of happiness? And then once you reach that higher goal? Then what? More? Think for a second and think of where this is going… The illusion of having more happiness is what it simply is. An illusion! Even the happiest of the happiest can’t reach any higher levels of happiness (sense of humor there).

Happiness is definitely not a dream… What happens if the dream dies down? Does your happiness die down too? If that’s the case then sheesh, I may need plenty of dreams to keep it up. It’s definitely not a task because what happens if we fail to stay on top of that task? We may find ourselves working for our happiness and forbid this but what will then happen if we don’t feel like doing the task? We could eventually find ourselves saying “Oh I’ll do it later or tomorrow…” Then the next day comes and we say to ourselves, “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow…” Then the next day comes to again say the same thing and so forth. You see the habit… So now what?

See lets take the success, business, career, location, job, relationship(s), achievements and materials to ask ourselves some questions.

How do we define happiness? What does happiness mean to each one of us? What are the roots of your happiness? Are we happy within ourselves? Are we happy with the person that we are? How deep does happiness go within you? Can you be happy with everything? Can you still be happy with nothing?

Please excuse all the deep diving but this one I find interesting because it really does take you to go on a journey to find your happiness and what’s the meaning. Then once you’ve found it, then you’ll realise that you can live with or live without because… Ahhh you’ll have to come to that!

Think well to live well… 🙂