About me

I’m just a young man trying to open up to myself and share things along the way. I admit I’m not perfect (nobody is anyway… “duhh” #jokesforlaughs)  but I accept my imperfections and always try to live being my greatest version regardless of failures and short comings. Been on a long journey and to say the least, it’s probably far from over but at least I’m learning to enjoy each and every moment and then having fun, bringing smiles to peoples faces, passing on positive vibes and trying to show love and compassion to my surroundings is all I usually do. Life has brought me a ton of blessings, valuable lessons, moments of pressured thinking, learning to grind through things even if I come up short, learning how to think and also moments of adversity that have helped me to be who I am today.

So I’ve created a personal page to help inspire people in a way that can reach multiple people as opposed to just a few. I usually blog about life things such as phenomenological   experiences, personal thoughts, food and some of the things that spark my interest. I try to keep things simple and clear and even if it doesn’t make sense… Oh well! 🙂 I’m a passionate being, an athlete and competitor within the sport of basketball, local coach, also out mentoring young children and do a bit of public speaking in the local community in Bristol (Best place on earth). I hope you find my page engaging and will try to post on here from time to time with whatever goes through my head or better yet, being spontaneous. Like I said I’m not perfect but however, all that matters is passing on positive vibes and making an impact in whatever matters most. Nuff said!…

Think well to live well… 🙂