About me

My name is Dan Edozie and I currently am a captain for the men’s basketball team here in Bristol called the Bristol Flyers. I have been here for the since 2015 competing with the club in the British Basketball League whilst in 2018, also being given the opportunity to represent England in the Commonwealth Games. Despite having a love for basketball, I am also a coach, mentor and motivational speaker that aims to install the hope and resilience through the art of storytelling needed for individuals to manage through their adversity and challenging times. Through our Creator, my purpose is to uplift those out of a state of mind that holds them back from true and maximum potential through my life experiences and lessons by sharing my experiences from childhood, to foster care, to college and how life for me landed in Bristol. To conclude, my personal quote is “Tough people are made during tough times though however, tough times never last but tough people do… “

Think well to live well… 🙂