Food for Thought

Having an empowered being is having the power to move through forces… -Powerful thought

Value is not found in what you have gained or accomplished but in how useful you are in making a difference… – Valuable thought

Breaking free of something requires a new level of thought!- Empowering thought

Energy is precious… Just make sure you protect yours!- Self-humbling

Stop wishing and start saying ‘you have’… The key is having consistent faith! -Believing thought

Success is not the outcome but is the education within the process- Stay hungry

Live like today is your last day to improve because tomorrow’s success isn’t guaranteed!- Mindful thought

Less is better but quality is important! – Growing thought

Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset… Choose which way you want to grow! – Moving thought

If you embrace hard work, then success is already on it’s way! -Striving thought

Things seem to fall into place the moment you stop thinking about them! -Moving thought

Intensity is the energy you put behind your effort! – Words of thought

The only thing that’s stopping you’re inner greatness is you!- Motivational thought

Talent and gifts may take you to a certain distance but grit will get you over the hump! – Hungry thought

Response is vital when your back is against the wall!- Pushing thought

Fearlessly be fearless… One of the best ways to overcome obstacles! -Motivation

Change comes when pain and pleasure meet up at the same point!- Changing thought

Self handicapping your potential only limits it so don’t place it in a seat where it cannot walk!- Open minded thought

One of the keys to change is taking a nice look in “your” personal rear view mirror! – Present thought

Tough times are growing times!- Grateful thought

Not knowing is only an opportunity to know- Random thought

A relationship with yourself is an asset. Not a liability!- Moment of thought

“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it”- Albert Ernestine

“If you think how you always have, you’ll always be where you’re always are.” – Anonymous

I’d rather fail trying than to sit and never know- Words of courage

Pain is a weakness that can turn into great strength- Humbled thought

Balance is a sense of looking forward without falling. Just be steady with life’s routes! – Food for thought

Inward value is greater than outward possessions so build your fortune- Mind of self

Attitude… It’s nothing more than behavior towards perception- Moment of thought

Become the best version of you or of greatest self!- Morning movtivation

Character… Make sure it’s an asset to create opportunities and not a liability that’ll cost you of positive outcomes!- Mindful thought

Stay up, focused and energized to go after enhancing opportunities!- Presentness

Best place to find your passions is within your gifts!- Mindful

Be thankful for the little things because there are people who would be happy to have just 1% of what you have- Thankfulness

Where there’s doubt, there’s faith!- Mindful

“Adversity introduces a man to himself”- Anonymous

Sometimes you just have to bare the nitty gritty bits of the grind- Thought for success

The road to change only takes one step but can only be taken by you! -Just try

“Knowledge will give you power but character will give you respect”- Bruce Lee

Breath… It’s where you can find peace and rhythm. -Peaceful thought

“You have to be willing to work harder on yourself than you do at your job”- Jim Rohn

Find something that takes you out of yourself. -Life rule

Don’t be afraid to be face your inner fears buried deep within your subconscious. -Self realisation

Be bold, be confident and be uplifting with your actions in a positive manner if you want to see change. -Encouragement

Meditation is one of the most useful tools you can use for a variety of different reasons. -Mindfulness

Your mission starts the moment you become uncomfortable. – Simple

Humbleness… It’s nothing more than the quiet space within. -Monday morning

Self investment is the best investment. -Random thought

If the peace you’re looking for is found within you, then life’s adversity should hardly phase you. -Moment of thought

Risks and mistakes… They are your greatest teachers so don’t be afraid to learn. -Mindful thought

One key skill to rising above occasions is learning to master your mind.- Thought of the day

God has blessed us with gifts and talents but it’s up to you whether or not to use them. – Dive within

Time is valuable so treat it like treasure. -Random thought

There are two killers to success; fear and complacency. Don’t be a victim of either. -Morning thought

Enrich yourself with meaningful things that better you. -Words of wisdom

When you hit a point of being tired staying at the same spot, drive should be awakened.-Thought for life