Dan Edozie


The journey of change… Well to be honest with you, this is actually an exciting topic to talk about as it comes to mind. So often in today’s world, individuals finding it hard to change or even just hearing about the topic of change basically comes down to a degree of difficulty that one experiences within “oneself”. Often times within the process of change, one may find it hard to let go… Read More

Loneliness is like an empty space ‘within you’, whether mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, that can be visually compared to as an empty tank. It could feel like a dead energy or a heart that feels lifeless with a beat. It’s one of the hardest things that one may refuse to face in which that’s just simply human nature and what one may do to keep that empty space filled is to… Read More

The energy from  spiritual enlightenment is unimaginable! Although enlightenment means not knowing, realizing who you truly are on the inside is beautiful and it’s something that goes beyond this reality… It’s way beyond our imagination that even our physical body cannot touch. It’s an energy that you cannot think to feel about because your brain or mind cannot even think within the presence of enlightenment! Only your soul and your being within… Read More