Dan Edozie


In the face of adversity, an unconscious conversation deep within takes place. It’s the conversation that involves making a choice between: 1. How do we respond to what’s happening or 2. What do we do next. Some moments within adversity are easily handled while others truly test the nature of our character and when adversity is at work testing the nature of our character, there are two ways that this experience may… Read More

The journey of change… Well to be honest with you, this is actually an exciting topic to talk about as it comes to mind. So often in today’s world, individuals finding it hard to change or even just hearing about the topic of change basically comes down to a degree of difficulty that one experiences within “oneself”. Often times within the process of change, one may find it hard to let go… Read More

Loneliness is like an empty space ‘within you’, whether mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, that can be visually compared to as an empty tank. It could feel like a dead energy or a heart that feels lifeless with a beat. It’s one of the hardest things that one may refuse to face in which that’s just simply human nature and what one may do to keep that empty space filled is to… Read More

Imagine being in a room that’s empty and you have the free will to move things in and out of the room. However, the room is so empty that it feels uncomfortable so therefore you desire to move things inside of the room to avoid the feel of being uncomfortable or experiencing emptiness. However, it get’s to a point where the sensation of having enough is not quite clear to then somehow… Read More

I’m new to being this way but I don’t care because somewhere in the cosmos lies my destiny in which one-day I’ll get to it! -Personal thought This is not an easy thing trying to inspire the  generation today and those around me but oh well… I guess sometimes you have to just give it a try and see what works and what doesn’t. Sheesh… Sometimes I find it challenging trying to… Read More

Courage or being courageous can be a simple means of looking at fear or some sort of resistance and not only facing it but also giving the energy of resistance and fear a run for its money. With facing fears and overcoming obstacles that life may present, having courage is having a balanced sense carelessness but only in a positive way to help achieve the desired outcome that the resistance of the… Read More

It’s an important concept or even perhaps one of the most undervalued principles of them all. Balance is the pure centre between too much or too little and is the fine point for stability and peak flow. Finding balance only means focusing on the process between ‘what is on either side of you’ and ‘what is in front or behind you’ or even your location on the scale. What one may not… Read More