Philippa Vernon-Powell

“Daniel’s determination and enthusiasm for life is infectious; he exudes energy to motivate others to fulfil their dreams from their individual starting point. He has overcome immense challenges that were set before him and climbed the ladder to success both personally and professionally. He is an inspiration to all, but in particular to young people looking at the path ahead trying to navigate the way forward.”


Bristol Flyers Head Coach 

Andreas Kapuloas

Dan is great role model for so many young people out there and I am certainly proud of his achievements to date as a person and an athlete.
He had to overcome his share of adversity and challenges and has been awesome to see his growth and progress the last 5 years on and off the court.
A hard working, determined person with the drive to inspire others around him to push for their aspirations and dreams


Pastoral Board

G. Opie

"He had incredible presence, which meant the pupils were already curious and prepared to listen intently; when he did speak, they found him compelling... Daniel addressed some issues which might not be significant to the pupils of an exclusive private school in the SW. It was almost Churchillian in tone, but a Churchill for the 21stcentury – driven, determined, a Churchill from the wrong side of the tracks, who unashamedly played the populist card, but played it with integrity. He leads a team, but the reason we would follow him is that his message was that we can all be the best we can be in the face of adversity – that we need adversity to discover who we really are – I was hooked, on the message and the man.


University of West England Bristol 

Guy Coles

From the first day of meeting Dan until now what has impressed me most about him is his ability to approach every aspect of his journey with the same commitment, positivity and enthusiasm.
As a performance athlete he is a true transformational leader, and his ability to impact effectively on the group is outstanding.
Alongside what he has achieved to date in life, and basketball what is inspirational is the way he involves himself in the community. From my perspective its clear to see that Dan's zeal to help others is one of the things that drives him.


St. Gregory's Bath College

Shelly Tukes

"Daniel is coming into our school to do interventions with some of our troubled students and he is amazing and we are already seeing a positive impact."


Kingsdown College, Swindon

Joe Hurd

Personally I was pleased, I thought it went really well and he was great with the year 10 boys. A few took some time to open up and engage, but I think that's more nervousness from them. I'm sure they'll grow into it even more.