The Power
of Adversity
    Finding motivation naturally is tough but what you give yourself to aim for will come down to you and the ability to go after it.(Internal motivation) 
    Purpose- There's nothing better than having a purpose not just in your daily life but throughout your life time because you know exactly why you do what you do everyday. 
    Like they say, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going...". Trust and believe!

Benefits of Adversity

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    When going through and overcoming adversity, the wellbeing of ourselves seem to improve and also give more appreciation to life. 

  • Growth:
    Adversity challenges strengths and weaknesses. If these areas are being challenged then there is areas of improvement already being made. 

  • Mind:
    It is believed that experiences of such can help to sharpen the mind and can also improve the psychological resilience factor that we need in order to keep going.  

"A plan driven by zest and determination is better than the creation of a plan being expected to be executed perfectly tomorrow..." 

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